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The school should

  • fun for everyone involved!

  • send out a radiance for the region

  • Encourage students' interest in a job at Tesla or another company.



From kindergarten to grades 1 to 13

General basic education in a community school from class 1 to the middle school certificate or to the Abitur in 13 years

Empowering Girls

Women are severely underrepresented in STEM professions.

We rely on gender-neutral funding.

promote the spirit of research

Children are curious, they want to experience and understand the world around them. We open the gates to entry into the world of research through cross-subject and cross-class projects.

Strengthen transition skills - not only in sports

Preferences for a subject or a sport are often dependent on the person or structure. In sports, experiences of the change in one's own identity development can be experienced in concrete terms. During elementary school, all pupils should acquire basic knowledge of basketball, hockey, athletics, dance, tennis, gymnastics, swimming and, ideally, skiing and sailing.

sports and learning

We ensure a close connection between sport, professional training and competitive sport. The trainers are involved in the educational process.

team spirit

promoting and encouraging the participation of all in various competitions,  seek and live healthy competition.

External lecturers

Project-oriented learning with lecturers from industry and business

Private sponsorship

Greatest possible flexibility through a private sponsorship

International projects

General basic education in a community school from class 1 to the Abitur in 13 years

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